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Enter a new Era of Moon Tokenomics.

Moon Lock Protocol Auto Staking Auto Compounding Anti Whale Anti Dump






Fixed APY



Enjoy Passive income


ApyMoon is an innovative Yield Grow, Auto Staking, Anti Whale, Anti Dump, Auto Compounding Passive income generator.

Simple Moon Tokenomics for everyone, Buy $APYMOON Hold and watch your wallet Grow.

Yield grow

Auto Staking

Anti Whale

Auto Burn

moon tokenomics

A look at the Moon Lock Protocol

moon tokenomics

Moon Lock Tokenomics.

Automatic APY


Automatic APY is Sent Directly to Every Holder

Anti dump

Whales can easily manipulate any chart, They can dump on investors and create a chain reaction of sales, leading to impermanent loss to all new investors and potentially cause permanent damage to a new project.

ApyMoon solves this with the following features.


Shield protects Investors and creates a healthier chart grow.

Daily MAX Transactions

All Investors can sell a MAX of 5% per day.

No Exceptions

Wallets including Devs are subject to the daily 5% limits

Moon Protocol

Wallet to Wallet

Wallet to wallet transfers are disabled, preventing users from using multiple wallets.

No Exceptions

Dev wallet or any team member wallets are subject to the wallet restriction.

Anti Cheat

Projects with innovative tokenomics often forget to do proper testing, leading investors to find ways to cheat the system, avoiding taxes or limits set by their protocol.

Auto Staking

Moon Protocol Auto Staking / Auto Compound your daily earnings, accelerating your daily earnings.

Yield grow

Hold and Your Initials increase overtime, ApyMoon incredible 365% APY ensures Everyone gets rewarded.

Auto Burn

Auto Burns happen on each transaction, decreasing supply and increasing price action.

apy moon explained

Function & Economic Growth for a long term vision

WHY apy moon token?

Wealth Growth

The $APYMOON Token has been designed with Wealth Growth in mind.

5% Sell Limit per day

By having a sell limit per day, we can expect a constant grow of $APYMOON Token.

Each investor is limited to 5%, including developers or any team member.

Less Sells = Grow

Having fewer sales makes charts more attractive to new investors.

Investors love to see a project with fewer sales and a strong community, this brings peace of mind and confidence which in return benefits the ApyMoon project and growing ecosystem in long term.


In addition to the Sales limit of 5% per day, we have implemented a Sales and Buy Tax.

This is distributed for Liquidity, Marketing and Reserve, all carefully planned for the growth of the project.



The biggest growth in wealth comes from ApyMoon APY & Token Grow.

ApyMoon brings a sensible APY that can be sustained.

The ApyMoon Protocol ensures sustainable APY by implementing its Wealth Growth features.

How much can you earn per day?

If you invest $1,000 and the $APYMOON token stayed at $1 per token, you can expect a return of $10 per day.

If token Goes up in value 5X, You can expect a $50 Daily return.

But now your initial investment of $1,000 is worth $5,000 which could translate to $23,250 or more at the end of the year. all from an initial of $1,000.

The more you invest the more you get.

taxes - distribution - supply




Initial Supply

1 Million










The utilities and strategy for ApyMoon


Phase #1

  • Website Development
  • Social Media Setup
  • Game Contest
  • KYC
  • Audit
  • DApp Development
  • Twitter Marketing Campaign
  • Youtube Marketing Campaign
  • Host Presale
  • PancakeSwap Listing



  • CMC Listing
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Growth
  • Buying Competitions
  • Community Vote Development
  • Community Vote Listing
  • APYMerch
  • Market analysis for next phase


Phase #2


  • CMC Listing
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Growth
  • Buying Competitions
  • Community Vote Development
  • Community Vote Listing
  • APY Merch
  • Market analysis for next phase

To be Announced

Leading Team

Highly skilled team members of ApyMoon

apy moon resources

Have any Questions?

Commonly asked questions about ApyMoon

ApyMoon provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through use of it’s unique Moon Protocol.

ApyMoon innovative Protocol features Yield Grow, Auto Staking, Anti Whale, Anti Dump, Auto Compounding, Auto Burn.

ApyMoon Stable APY is paid every 30 minutes,
With a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows your $APYMOON portfolio in your wallet.

Simple Moon Tokenomics for everyone.

ApyMoon presale fair launch will be hosted on to ensure all participants receive an equal price and opportunity. Offers a simple and secure platform for Token distribution.

To Participate, You will need to have BNB BEP-20 Tokens on Binance Chain (BSC) ready in your wallet for the presale.

It will be a first come, first serve basis.

No Vesting, No Whitelist

Follow For Official Announcements.

No Whitelist.

We want to give all community members fair chance to participate in the presale.

Yes, we will be doing KYC prior to the presale with an Approved KYC Pinksale Partner.

Most of the projects start by offering high APY to attract new investors as they promise massive returns.

However, this is far from reality because those High APY fail to be sustained in a matter of days, leading to projects grow decline and
end up leaving investors with massive impermanent losses.

ApyMoon Ensures this doesnt happen by giving a sustainable APY / Annual Percentage Yield of 365%.

This APY is more sustainable because it works along with our MoonProcol, Preventing Massive Price Action and maintaining Healthy growth.

Please read more about MoonProtocol.

Always DYOR before investing.

Rebase is a mechanism in which the circulating supply expands or contracts due to changes in token price.

Rebase Occurs every 30 minutes to pay 1% Daily to $APYMOON Token Holders.

Take a look at our dApp to keep track on rebase and your Tokens.

AppyMoon Protocols Do this Automatically, All you need is to Hold to see your Wallet Grow.

Visit our dApp to keep track on Staking and Daily earnings.

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